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Government and Municipal Law

Moscone Emblidge & Sater was founded in 1998 by three former deputy city attorneys.  Since that time, our attorneys have devoted themselves to serving state and local public entities as outside litigation counsel.  In addition, Scott Emblidge has an extensive background in drafting legislation.

The litigation matters Moscone Emblidge & Sater has handled for public entities range from some of the most important public policy litigation in California to more routine lawsuits that public entities face on a regular basis.  For example, our attorneys have handled:

  • A challenge to California’s implementation of federal regulations governing public contracting with disadvantaged businesses
  • Several lawsuits attacking local affirmative action programs
  • Legal assaults at the state and local level on legislation that extended rights and medical benefits to domestic partners
  • Lawsuits against public entities accused of violating open meeting laws
  • Claims that local legislation – ranging from gun control legislation, to regulations governing the conduct of railroads, to laws aimed at reducing graffiti – is preempted by federal or state laws
  • Complaints that conduct of local governments and their employees violated federal and state civil rights laws
  • Disciplinary actions against, and other personnel matters involving, public employees
  • Complaints that public facilities were not sufficiently accessible to persons with disabilities
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