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Creative Problem Solving and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation can be costly and time consuming. Often we achieve the best results for our clients through negotiation, particularly when combined with an aggressive and effective litigation strategy.

The lawyers at Moscone Emblidge & Sater are skilled problem solvers with the experience and legal instinct needed to spot opportunities for resolving disputes and the know-how to bring disputes to a close efficiently and successfully. In many cases, we obtain optimum results through negotiation alone; in other cases, negotiated settlements become possible after victory on key pre-trial motions, thus eliminating the need for trial. In all cases, we begin by developing a multi-faceted strategy to advance our client's interests efficiently and effectively.

Moscone Emblidge & Sater also offers private mediation services. Our lawyers have mediation training and extensive experience in mediation and dispute resolution. Scott Emblidge has served as a mediator in dozens of cases including complex environmental disputes, civil rights claims, employment discrimination suits, challenges to complex governmental regulatory schemes, defamation actions and disability access claims. Rachel Sater has adjudicated many disputes as a hearing officer for public entities and brings that perspective to problem solving for our clients.
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